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Isotop Laboratory

Biochemistry Laboratory

Organic Chemistry Laboratory (in co-operarion with the Regional Science Centre (RET), Szent István University)


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Our Laboratories

A) Research Laboratories

A1) Facilites of Environmental Chemistry Laboratory

HORIBA JOBIN YVON ACTIVA-M Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrometer imaging CCD detection


Microwave digestion:
CEM MARS5 temperature and pressure controlled microwave digestion



A2) Facilites of Isotop Laboratory


Radon (222Rn) Exhalation Measurement:
AlphaGuard PQ2000pro radon monitor (manufacturer: Genitron)

Principle of Measurement: based on the ionization chamber principle active measurement method in diffuse mode
Measuring Parameters:
Temperature (°C), Relative Moisture Content (%), Air Pressure (mbar), Radon Activity-Concentration (Bq/m3)
Sample Mass: min. 1 kg
Integration Time: 10 minutes


Ambient Dose Equivalent Performance Measurement [H*(10)]:
UltraRadiac Plus type radiation protection dosimeter (manufacturer: Canberra)

Certifying Legal Witness Mark Number: M 517800 (MKEH), valid until September 27, 2015

Principle of Measurement: Suitable for measuring β- and photon radiation dose rate GM-counting detector

Background Measurements: 0.170 µSv/h

Uncertainty of Measurement: max. 20 %


Surface Contamination:

Autocont PCM86 type surface radioactive contamination meter (manufacturer: MTA)

Certifying Legal Witness Mark Number: M 307742 (MKEH), valid until December 14, 2014

Principle of Measurement: In particular suitable for measuring Counts per second in β-particles, large surface GM-tube detector

Background Measurements: 3.7 cps

Uncertainty of Measurement: max. 15 %


Total β-activity Concentration Measurement:

NK 350 type intergrated circuit spectrometer (manufacturer: Gamma Művek)

Principle of Measurement: suitable for measuring β-particle Counts per second, signal shape-discriminating electronic equipped scintillation detector

Sample Mass: 1.0000 g

Measuring Time: 1000 sec




A3) Facilites of Biochemistry Laboratory


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B) Training Laboratories

B1) Fully equiped chemical training & teaching laboratory


B2) Fully equiped experimental chemical laboratory


B3) Fully equiped seminar room


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